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Welcome to the Georgia Chapter of (NAHEMP) National Association of Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Professionals. It is my pleasure to inform you that we are launching one of the most exciting associations in history. We would like you to represent your industry by association with (NAHEMP). The Georgia Chapter will be under the direction Georgia Soul Management and its members. (NAHEMP) is open to anyone with a interest, career and/or education in the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music industry.

Why NAHEMP: There are many reasons why businesses and professionals should join the National Association of Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Professionals; this (E3) campaign will be Empowering, Enriching, and Energizing. Additionally it will feature top-level networking with like-minded industry affiliated people. (NAHEMP) will give professionals time to escape the daily grind of the business to enjoy some Southern Hospitality. This association encourages its members learn, play, connect, and belong. (NAHEMP) is the missing piece of the industry life circled around the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music scene.

The objective of the Georgia Chapter is to professionally educate and develop its members, brand small businesses, boost the economy, increase marketing & sales, and generate tourism revenues for the State of Georgia.  (NAHEMP) will highlight and feature some of the most accomplished and influential images in Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music. (NAHEMP) will bridge the gap between the industries by hosting special events, seminars, meetings, shows, trainings sessions, exclusive and powerful networking forums, private parties, conventions, tradeshows, festivals, mentoring, tours, tastings, and more.

We are seeking your support as we launch and campaign. The Georgia Chapter of (NAHEMP) was formed for its members to successfully achieve as an organization, gain social development and career advancement, education and training.  (NAHEMP) is designed to give its members, sponsors, and supports a (ROI) return on their investment through time-sharing, exclusive VIP invites, training, publications, and privileges to share with their family and friends throughout the year.  If you believe you make a difference in the world of Hospitality, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Music we welcome you to join (NAHEMP) National Association of Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Professionals

Our Status: Georgia Charitable Organization: Association by Membership

Our History: (NAHEMP) was founded by the Georgia Soul Hospitality and Tourism Management Group. (NAHEMP) was organized to bridge the gap between the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Industries.

Our Vision is to be known for (1) community empowerment (2) fundraising for education and training scholarships (3) Historic Performing Arts Program (4) State of the Art Hospitality Complex (5) Time-Sharing Ventures & Lodging Suites

Our Mission is to educate, empower, & improve the community and professionals in the Entertainment, Hospitality, & Music Industries through training, events, meetings, tourism, and community empowerment.

Our Organization is organized under the legal structure of a Georgia Charitable Organization. This legal structure eliminates the liability of members and federal income taxes.

Our Purpose is to have a profound impact on the success, effectiveness, and longevity of the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Industry. Additionally we want to show strength in numbers by membership; build up surrounding communities, and produce small businesses. (NAHEMP) is in business to advocate working together to pursue the common goals and interest of its members in the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Industries. 50% of all contributions will fund scholarships to empower individuals interested in the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Industry; the other 50% will be used for building fund, administration, marketing, event planning, and future program development. Our community empowerment will involve campaigns and drives to raise funds for utility assistance, food, clothes, daily living necessities, and student supplies.

Our Management is our Board of Directors, Officers, Members, & Volunteers. These individuals will be responsible for implementing goals, objectives, activities, and day to day operations.

Our Scholarship Program offers scholarships to college students who see higher education in Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music background. {NAHEMP} and its members will host events, parties, and fundraisers to fund the program. These scholarships can help pave the way to affordable education and can be applied to any program of study under Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music at an accredited college or university. Scholarship funds are granted by calendar year and applicants may apply yearly. Seek schools that offer Business, Development, Core, Marketing, and Management Courses in your particular program. Courses include: Interpersonal Communication, Ethics, and Accounting, Introduction to Computers, and more.

Becoming ServSafe Certified for both Food and Alcohol is necessary if your interest is in the Catering, Hotel, or Restaurant field; additionally courses in Controlling Foodservice Cost, Principals of Food and Beverage Management, Hospitality and Restaurant Management are just a few. These courses will teach you practical skills needed to face real world challenges and obstacles in the industry.

Future Endeavors’: Time-Sharing Vacation Homes and Suites for guest lodging

Scholarships for Educational Advancement and Training

Performing Arts Center and Hospitality Complex for Events, Showcases, Tradeshows

Events: Quarterly Members Meeting & Mixers {March} {June} {September} {December}

King Holiday: A Day on Not Off: Community Involvement

Juneteenth: Yearly National Celebration Commemorating the ending of Slavery in the United States

NAHEMP Tradeshow October 2013

Campaign Drives: Back to School (Ongoing) Sponsor a Child for the Summer (Ongoing) Holiday Season (November 1-December 31)

Who Can Join is anyone in the Hospitality, Entertainment, and (or) Music Industry. All members are invited to attend the quarterly Members Meeting and Mixer. All members are required to pay consumption dues on a quarterly basis in the amount of $75; this fee will be implied regardless of consumption. All members receive 20% discount on hospitality services, In-store gifts, food, beverages, and events. Contact us today to join at (404) 671-0843 -